XVan Bier Salon

After finishing High School I floundered from one college to the next and worked many jobs including one at Lola's Mexican Restaurant at 914 Clinton Street. Being young, I was unable to appreciate the community I was part of, or the wonderfully historic building I worked at (and lived in). I was anxious to see where else life would take me.

In college I lived the typical impoverished life style of a student and did not care for it much. Always attracted to hair and fashion, my solution was to go to Beauty School so I could make a decent wage and finish college part time. Once I started working with hair there was no going back...I had found my calling!

My 20+ year career was spent working in, owning, and co-owning several salons in Southeastern Wisconsin. My passion for hair has landed me in many far away places. My journey has humbled me and taught me to enjoy the simpler things in life. It has given me an appreciation for the history of life and how it blends with the new, as well as a respect for quality and craftsmanship instead of quantity and excess.

I, along with my partner have spent several years looking for what we felt was the perfect spot, that represents these qualities and allow us to offer the services and products that we feel embrace them all. My journey ended (or is it just beginning?) at 914 Clinton Street. Life truly does go full circle!

Welcome to our home!
Van Bier Salon